The Knothole Ticket

Years ago, professional baseball parks were constructed with pine wood fences surrounding the entire field. Curious onlookers without the means to purchase a ticket would instead take advantage of what mother nature made available to them by punching out the loose knots in the pine boards in order to get a glimpse of the action.

Over time, as baseball became more popular and lucrative, some franchise owners took note of the fans on the other side of the fence and began promotions to make seating affordable for all. Hence, the birth of what became known as "Knothole Gangs." Although the seating wasn't right behind the home team dugout, it made it possible for all to view the game and cheer on their heroes from inside the park.  

Throughout the years, other sporting venues, including the University of Wyoming Athletics, adopted similar promotions, and soon knothole section tickets became synonymous with affordable seating.  

Here at The Knothole, we carry on the tradition of affordability.  We offer an array of quality University of Wyoming apparel and accessories at affordable prices, so you can cheer on the Pokes with pride.